Michael Jackson Quotes

On his passion for films

On the advantage of films over live performance:
“I can go on tour and it’s exciting, but when it’s done, it’ll be lost to the world. If I do a movie, it’s a moment captured for eternity. The stars die—like Charlie Chaplin—but his films will be here forever. If he did Broadway and plays while he was alive, he would have been lost to the world.”
– 1977, interview to Lisa Robinson

On this music

On releasing Off the Wall album and going solo:
“I wanted an album that wouldn’t just consist of one kind of music, because I love all kinds of music. I don’t like to label music. It’s like saying this child is white, this child is black, this child is Japanese—but they’re all children. It reminds me of prejudice. If somebody has a wonderful song that’s right for me, I’d love to do it. That’s what I enjoy most about doing solo albums. With the Jacksons, we were just doing our own thing in our little private world. That’s why I didn’t want the Jacksons to produce my album. I don’t want the same sound. Mine is different.”
– 1979, interview to Lisa Robinson

On his calling in life

“I’m compelled to do what I’m doing and I can’t help it, I love performing. I love creating and coming up with unusual new things. To be a kind of pioneer. You know, innovative. I get excited about ideas, not about money. Ideas is what excites me.”
– 1985, interview to Lisa Robinson

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