Interviews & speeches

/02/2003 The GLOBE exclusive interview

/06/2002 Gold Magazine interview

/03/2002 VIBE magazine interviews Michael

/??/2001 Radio Interview with Steve Harvey

/??/2001 VIBE magazine interviews Michael

/10/2001 Yahoo Chat with Michael Jackson

/12/2001 USA Today Interview

/11/2001 TV Guide magazin Interview

/12/2000 “My Childhood, My Sabbath, My Freedom”

/11/1999 Michael Talks To MTV

/11/1999 TV Guide magazin Interview

/04/1999 The Mirror Interview

/03/1999 Wetten, dass…? – Appearance

/??/1998 Interview to Black & White Magazine

/12/1997 The King As ‘Pop’, LIFE Magazine

/11/1997 Debbie Rowe Jackson Interviewed At Neverland

/09/1997 ABC’s 20/20 Interview, George V Hotel, Paris

/05/1997 Debbie Rowe Jackson (KNBC-TV)

/04/1997 Michael and Debbie in OK! magazine Interview

/11/1996 The VH-1 Interview

/11/1996 Australian Interview. “Molly” Moldrum

/07/1996 Interview By Middle-Eastern Children

/08/1995 Internet Simulchat

/07/1995 MTV’s Bill Bellamy Interview

/06/1995 Prime Time Live Interview, Hollywood, California

/10/1994 Ebony II magazin Interview

/10/1994 Neverland – the place where dreams come true, LIFE

/02/1993 Michael Jackson Talks to… Oprah

Out of the mouth of Michael: Interview with Glenn Plaskin, August 16, 1992

/05/1992 Ebony I magazin Interview, Africa

/12/1984 Ebony magazin Interview



Speeches & Commentaries

/11/2002 Michael Receives Bambi “Pop Artist Of The Millennium” Speech

/06/2002 Speesh at Al’s Shrapton summit in Garlem

/06/2002 Michael’s Speech At Exeter

/06/2002 MJNI’s Killer Thriller Party Speech

/12/2001 “Heal the Kids” speech in Carnegie Hall, NY

/05/2000 World Music Awards “Artist of Millenium” Speech

/05/1998 Press Conference World Peace Foundation

/01/1994 NAACP Image Awards speech

/12/1993 Live from Neverland

…/93 The Mexican Deposition transcript

/02/1993 Michael Accepts the Grammy Legend Award

/08/1993 Michael’s Statement Regarding the Allegations

/09/1987 Message From Michael

/09/1984 Michael’s Statement to The Tabloid Media

/08/1977 “I’m Different From Most People My Age”

/03/1980 Michael In Wonderland

Michael Talks About Some Of His Songs

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