I’m Different From Most People My Age

“I’m Different From Most People My Age”

When I get on stage, I don’t know what happens. It feels so good, it’s like the safest place in the world for me…I was raised on stage.

Certain people were created for certain things, and I think our job is to entertain the world. I don’t see no other thing that I could be doing.

I’ve seen the very rich and the very poor, but I’m mainly interested in the poor…I want to appreciate what I have, and try to help others.

When I go to other countries, I wish to see the “poorer” parts. I want to see what it’s really like to starve. I don’t want to hear it, or read it. I want to see it.

It’s a whole different thing when you see it! All the things I’ve read in my schoolbooks about England and the Queen were okay, but my eyes are the greatest book in the world. When we did the Royal Command Performance, and then after it I actually looked into the Queen’s eyes, it was the greatest thing! And it’s the same with starvation, when you see it, you receive a little more…

– Michael Jackson (August, 1977)

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