Michael Jackson: The Dancer of the Dream

Michael Jackson: The Dancer of the Dream

Michael Jackson was a gifted, unique and outstanding dancer. His contribution to the art of dance is analyzed in this fascinating article by professional flamenco dancer and choreographer Amor (Lubov Fadeeva).

Michael Jackson in dance is a subject as vast as space. I can’t talk about it without touching on global issues of the art of dance, but I will try to bring it all together as much as possible – to gather all of the elements I see as facets of something larger, something whole, so we can try to see the entire picture.…

For me, dance is a global phenomenon, the most sacred and purest art, only matched perhaps by music, poetry, and fine art. The rest is derivative, like the branches of a large spreading tree grown from just one seed. Dance is pure inspiration born in the center of the Universe, expressible through numerous artistic forms and manifestations. Dance is visual music and non-corporeal emotion on a material level; it is spiritual energy creating all existence. This is how I have seen it since my childhood, in the form of feelings, and I will try to explain all this in words.

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The last wish: 10 stories about meeting Mcihael Jackson

The last wish: 10 stories about meeting Mcihael Jackson

Media always paid a lot of attention to rumors about Michael Jackson’s personal life, his financial troubles and lawsuits thrown at him, issues of his skin color and plastic surgeries. Sometimes they were generous enough to write about his music. But very rarely did the media report on what Michael considered his main mission and purpose on Earth – on his efforts to help suffering and unfortunate children. This side of Jackson’s activity remained unpopular with the press – partly because Michael himself never flaunted his charitable acts. He believed that by publicizing a good deed you are devaluing it – that’s why he never invited journalists to cover his charitable efforts and never talked about them on press-conferences (unless it was required for raising money for a good cause). And only because media followed him relentlessly, there were occasional reports about his visits to hospitals and orphanages. But many testimonies to his kindness were never printed in newspapers or filmed by TV crews. They remained known only to live witnesses of those events – to people, some of which spoke about their experience with Michael Jackson for the first time after his passing.

This article is a compilation of stories of people who received help from Michael Jackson. Often, these are touching and sad stories. Stories that show the side of the artist rarely seen by the general public.

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Alena Galayko: Pure Inspiration

Alena Galayko: Pure Inspiration

Michael Jackson inspired artists in various genres. Many modern musicians and dancers chose their professions because of the effect of Michael’s music upon their lives. But there are some who were inspired not just by his music, but by his personality and the persona he created of himself.

Alena_MJAlena Galayko, 30, is an artist from Moscow, Russia, and a big fan of Michael Jackson. I’ve known Alena for 8 years, but I only got to really know her after having seen her wonderful paintings. When you look at her works dedicated to Michael, you are amazed by how alive and real they are. Alena is a rare artist who is able to not only depict Michael’s face on her canvas, but show his soul.

Alena says that she’s not used to being open about her affection for Michael, but she’s agreed to talk to us.

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Vita brevis…

Vita brevis…

… Ars longa

– latin, ” Life is finite but Art is eternal”
25 June 2009, the world media have reported that Michael Jackson died. Established cause of death called an overdose of a sedative drug «Propofol» introduced by attending physician Conrad Murray to help with the problems of chronic insomnia. The tragedy occurred during the preparation for the concert performances of “This is it” to be held in London. According to Michael Jackson immediate environment, concert organizers had put pressure on Michael and subjected him to terrible stress, which resulted in the need to use a variety of drugs to reduce stress. The doctor was sentenced for 4 years for medical negligence. Concert organizers did not admit their guilt. Millions of fans in mourning. Michaels 3 children left orphaned. Close friends of Michael in shock and depression. The world has changed.

Any death is meaningless. Any death is ugly. Any death is frightening and frustrating. Any death is a reason for pity yourself. Death of a loved one causes the desire to find the culprits and causes a rush of anger and despair. Death leads to the idea of complete impotence and this thought is freaking out. Death is never a timely manner, it is always the unexpected, death can’t be natural and no one can ever prepare to it. Michael Jackson’s death is no different from any other death. Needless to say its causes, was it possible to avert it, because a brute fact is it would not change anything. Our selfish motives push us to desire of doing justice, vengeance, but I dare to assume that this is just a protective reaction, because anger is the strongest human emotions and it helps us to numb the pain. Is it worth to think a lot about death, when it’s so meaningless and impasse?

Michael’s death is much discussed, it’s a sad theme that tightens as a swamp, including the consciousness of the terrible details, strange conjectures, scary pictures and endless tragedy of people who loved him. In this swamp of despair, what would be worth to appreciate most of all is paled, the light and positive that Michael tried to give to the people around.

Yes, most likely his death really caused a fatal error of a doctor (or months of indifference to his patient) and nobody really wanted to kill Michael. Yes, of course, he didn’t want to die. Yes, concert organizers have not paid due attention to the physical condition of Michael thereby participated as nobody in the tragedy. Yes, the doctors give him a variety of drugs to help cope with stress, and he took it because trusted doctors. Yes, most likely, a combination of several factors led to this sad outcome, but it is always so, and almost always, remove one of the factors and the tragic outcome could be avoided. You can again and again experience the bitterness and disappointment from the loss of this unique person, constantly thinking about how he lived these days before his death and how he felt. But what is the sense of the eternal mourning?

«Do not pity the dead, feel pity for a living». In my opinion, there comes a time when we need to let go of regret, stop being angry and think about living and life. Michael devoted his life to art, he was unusual, interesting and good man. I don’t think that he wanted to have his army of fans turned into a crowd of angry and depressed people. I don’t think that he wanted us to mourned him for eternity. His life had a lot of betrayal, and many dramatic events, but he was absolutely positive person. When it was reported about his death, many people had the feeling that the good is gone from this world. Something light and correct left the damn earth forever. Many will agree. Example of this is the fact that people hastened to express their regret about the fact that Michael gone. Immediately manifested a feeling of frustration, even those who do not mention Michael during his life. The loss was realized. But regretting the loss of Michael we feeling sorry for ourselves. And we should feel sorry for ourselves because it’s we are who lost him, the same humanity that made the bad things to him and as a result killed him. And what is left to do now?

I think it is time to make conclusions. It is time to stop to mourn about his death and begin celebrating his life. Do not make him a Martyr. It is time to speak about what the person he was and actually teach what he wanted to teach us. If we want to make a world a better place, take a look at ourself and make the change, start with man in the mirror. It’s time to support his relatives and friends and say thank to them for all they have done for him. His life has meaning, his songs are full of meaning, his message to the world is clear in all languages. It’s time to crawl out of the swamp. Michael would like people to have learned the lesson, to hear him finally.

Millions of people want to think about Michael in a positive way, to smile remembering his smile and feel the joy of listening his songs. Millions of people want to see sexuality in him, want to dance to his songs, to learn «moonwalk» and tell funny stories about him. Millions of people want to raise their children with good memories of Michael, as if he were Peter Pan. Among us there are people who know the magic stories about Michael, they tell them, let’s hear them. Let’s listen to Michael, he was able to tell stories. Michael said that he is « Peter pan in the heart », any fan will tell you that in their own heart he is Michael Jackson.

MJ Neverland

Lisa Marie talks

Lisa Marie talks

For many years, the marriage of Lisa Marie Presley to Michael Jackson was called a sham, a calculated PR move and the desire of Michael to lay his hands on Elvis heritage. Only those closest to them, those who saw them together always said that this was a sincere and true union – perhaps the most true thing Michael has ever had with a woman. In 2010, Lisa Marie Presley gave an exclusive interview to Oprah Winfrey, where she told the truth about her relationship with Michael for the first (and the only) time.

MJ and LM

She was not shy or embarrassed to confess that she was in love with Michael, “Yes, I thought him sexually attractive. He was amazing.” She had a unique experience of a relationship with Michael which was romantic and sexual all the way, full of joy and disappointment. Her interview to Oprah in 2010 after Michael’s death finally disclosed the love and complexity of their relations which the fans and the world could only guess.

She confessed that Michael was the strongest love of her life, which shocked all those who gloated. “It was the happiest time of my life,” she said. She found the strength to admit it: her love for Michael and her admiration were so powerful that she was obsessed with him. After his death she suddenly realized that all those doubtful and disputable moments which made her feel ill at ease in her marriage to Jackson were just a survival strategy for Michael. He lived in such a crazy world, so artificial that all social norms, including marriage, simply did not work there. He had to catch the moments of “normality” but he could never make them stay.

At 40, Lisa realized that Michael had no ill wish to use her, he had no cunning plan – he simply wanted a normal family with her, as normal as possible in his situation. But back then Lisa did not understand it. She was scared, affected by the opinion of those surrounding them, and she could not handle the stress caused by the media. She wanted to “save” him, but she tried and did not succeed. It was clear that once she had everything she could only dream of, but when things got difficult, she started losing the degree of closeness she had with him, the one she was used to. She says that they were “in line” in everything, but later, when he asked her for a child and she refused, their relationship started to deteriorate. They weren’t as close as they used to be, and this really affected her, leading to powerful vexation which later grew into reproach and confrontation. She spoke about one of Michael’s features: when someone tried to pressure him using a close contact for manipulation, he changed the format of relationship at once. InLisa’swords, hewouldsimply “freezeyou”. What she called “a survival tactics” seemed to her a gesture of indifference then and a confirmation of rumours that “he used her” – used her without loving her.

After divorce, a long period of going away and coming back followed: they kept dating and parting again and again. For four more years they stayed in contact. It looks like the relationship with Michael was the longest for Lisa Marie. The public saw it differently, though: she looked estranged in some of her TV interviews, trying to avoid talking about Jackson and their divorce, and in some cases she tried to justify her actions, being led by the TV hosts who could not get their heads around it – how this beautiful woman could run off with such a strange persona. The public saw Lisa Marie with other men, and day by day the “Michael subject” was replaced by other parts of her personal life. Meanwhile, Michael got his wish – Debbie Rowe gave him the children he wanted so much. Lisa Marie could not cope with jealousy and vexation that another woman gave birth to his children. Lisa demonstrated her indignation in every possible way, displaying her “complex temper” in full glow. She said that the divorce was a kind of demonstration of her position – but it wasn’t meant to be the end of their relationship.

At the time of their divorce and for many years after, she was “still very much in love with him”. In the interview she admits that she chose the wrong strategy and behavior, trying to pressure Michael and change his way of life. She threw an ultimatum in his face, thinking that he would follow her, but it didn’t work out. As Lisa said, “it was a stupid thing to do”. Several painful years of “getting out of habit”. She put up a real fight trying to get away from Michael. Their last phone conversation took place in 2005. During that conversation Lisa was pretty cold with Michael, and when he asked whether she “still loved him”, she said she “didn’t care”. Years after she can’t feel nothing but surprise and bewilderment – that she managed to stay so apathetic.

After Michael’s death, all her feelings came back – the love and affection which she had been fighting for so long flooded in and swept her away.

Only after Michael’s passing Lisa Marie realized that he loved her. She realized how much he gave in to her, how he tried everything to keep their relationship. Something he had never done for anyone else.

The interview of Lisa Marie in which she told the truth about her feelings was a very strong and bold movement. All that Michael’s fans could not forgive for years turned out to be her personal tragedy. The tragedy of this romance is the source of inspiration for her poems and songs full of personal emotions.

Her tragedy is in the missed chance to be with a man for whom she felt a whole kaleidoscope of brightest emotions and the kind of affection which is difficult to find. She will have to live with the burden of two painful losses: her beloved father and the man she loved the most – two people who occupied the deepest and most secretive corners of her heart. Perhaps, she will be able to talk about them only in her poems and music.

Today, Lisa Marie lives in England; she is married and has two twin daughters in her marriage. Her migration to England, according to Lisa herself, gave her a new life and made her see the past with different eyes. She found new friends – common “normal” people, nice to talk to.

In 2012, Lisa Marie released a new album Storm and Grace. Michael Jackson fans believe that many of her songs are about Michael, including High Enough, When You Go, Now What, I Was Wrong, Just a Dream.


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